Prayer Letter – Apart but United

Suggestions for a Prayer a Day


This prayer letter has been designed to enable us to pray together while we are apart. It is not always practical for people to pray at a set time, owing to wide variations in their routines and commitments. This prayer letter works on a ‘Prayer a Day’ basis, so that we all concentrate on a particular area on the same day.

Lord God,

In this testing time of fear and uncertainty we pray for comfort and support. We ask that we may all feel your love in our lives and that we may show understanding and consideration for our neighbours and those who are weaker than we are.

Today we hold in our hearts [insert as appropriate].

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.


This is only a suggestion. I hope that people will add their own words to amplify the suggestions given and, of course, pray more widely.

  1. Everyone who is affected by the Covid-19 virus

  2. Those who are in isolation, their friends and families

  3. Everyone who is caring for a someone with Covid-19: home carers, nursing home staff, community nurses, hospital staff and others

  4. People who are separated from their loved ones, whatever the reason: through illness, lack of transport or resources, imposed restrictions

  5. Anyone who has lost their job or fears losing their job and now faces despair and an uncertain future

  6. People who are working to provide food and provisions, trying to ensure that we all have enough and those who are struggling to get provisions for themselves and their family

  7. Those who are continuing to ‘work as usual’ despite additional pressures and those who are having to retrain and learn new skills to cover for others who are off sick

  8. Mental health workers and everyone who is trying to keep our spirits up in these uncertain times

  9. Teachers, nursery staff, etc, who will work through their holidays to care for the children of ‘front line workers’

  10. Those who feel overburdened trying to juggle the competing demands of work, children, elderly relatives, infirm neighbours

  11. Those who are continuing to work on reduced pay, hoping that their jobs will survive the crisis

  12. Bereaved people; those whose loved ones are no longer in their lives.

  13. People who are in despair, who feel that they can no longer cope

  14. Children, our future

  15. Those who are already unwell and are now unable to get the treatment they have been waiting for; those with underlying medical conditions who fear the effects of the virus

  16. Those who have no-one, who live alone or on the streets

  1. People who have been working hard, striving towards a goal, exams, competitions, and who now see their hopes dashed

  2. Medical and clinical staff, doctors, students, nurses, support staff who are turning up to work whilst concerned for their own health and the health of their families

  3. Those who don’t know what to do with themselves during their forced ‘social distancing’ and those who live with them and are stretched thinking of ways to occupy them

  4. Carers who have to stay away from work for fear of infecting their family and now have to manage on reduced income

  5. The emergency services who continue to work and put themselves in danger for the sake of others

  6. Everyone who is worried and fearful for themselves, their loved ones, the future

  7. Containment of the virus that it may not spread to those areas which are currently clear

  8. People who have no access to or proficiency in using IT and social media

  9. People who are ill, that they may not suffer

  10. Scientists who are working to defeat the virus: to produce vaccines, tests, new treatments

  11. Those who just don’t understand, who are confused, agitated and scared

  12. All who are volunteering to help the more vulnerable, showing their love and care for others

  13. Those who are missing a longed-for holiday or celebration, who will be apart for a special occasion

  14. Those who are working to keep us informed without causing panic: reporters, presenters and all those behind the scenes working in media

  15. Our neighbours